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Running or Walking Alone Safety Tips

Updated: Aug 11, 2021

Running or walking alone safety is important if you are alone in secluded area or at night. Don't take chances with your life, follow these life saving precautions.

Arm yourself with self defense devices. Carry with you these items, and follow these tips to stay safe.

  1. Pepper Spray

  2. Stun Gun

  3. A personal alarm which can sound for as long as 50 minutes.

  4. Wear reflective running gear.

  5. If possible run or walk with a buddy.

  6. Change up your route every now and then.

  7. Run or walk in populated areas. You are less likely to be attacked in an area with more people around than in an isolated environment. Predators thrive in places where their deeds will not leave witnesses.

  8. Do not run with headphones on or lower the sound so that you can hear his footsteps before you are attack. Also, you can listen to music with just one earphone plugged in.

  9. Carry a mobile phone with you to call in an emergency. You can install an app which will track your location and movements and relay the information that you have chosen to receive it.

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