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SmartPSS: How to Install and Configure the Software on Your PC

What is SmartPSS and why you need it

If you are looking for a reliable and efficient video surveillance application that can monitor your people, premises, and assets, you might want to check out SmartPSS. SmartPSS is an all-in-one, full-featured software that integrates all Dahua network cameras and storage devices into one intuitive, easy to use interface. In this article, we will introduce you to the features, benefits, and installation steps of SmartPSS.

Features of SmartPSS

SmartPSS offers a comprehensive range of functions that can help you manage your video surveillance system effectively. Here are some of the main features of SmartPSS:

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Device management

With SmartPSS, you can easily add, edit, and delete devices from your system. You can also group devices by type, location, or function for easier management. You can view the status and information of your devices, such as IP address, model, firmware version, online/offline status, etc.

Video monitoring and playback

SmartPSS allows you to view live video from multiple cameras on a single screen. You can also use PTZ control and presets to adjust the camera angle and zoom. You can search and playback recorded video by date, time, channel, or event. You can also export and backup video files in various formats.

Alarm and analytic configuration

SmartPSS enables you to set up alarm rules and actions for your devices. You can configure the alarm triggers, such as motion detection, video loss, tampering, etc., and the alarm actions, such as recording, snapshot, email notification, etc. You can also use intelligent video system (IVS) features, such as people counting and heat map, to analyze the video data. You can view the alarm logs and reports in SmartPSS.

Video wall setup and preview

SmartPSS supports video wall setup and preview. You can create and edit video wall layouts according to your needs. You can assign cameras and sources to different video wall windows. You can also control and switch the video wall displays from SmartPSS.

Benefits of using SmartPSS for video surveillance

SmartPSS is not only feature-rich but also user-friendly. Here are some of the benefits of using SmartPSS for your video surveillance system:

  • Easy to use interface and operation. SmartPSS has a simple and clear interface that allows you to access all the functions easily. You can also customize the interface according to your preferences.

  • Compatible with all Dahua network cameras and storage devices. SmartPSS can work with any Dahua network camera and storage device, regardless of the model or series. You can also use SmartPSS to access, video intercom, and time and attendance devices.

  • Supports H.265 and H.264 dual video compression codecs. SmartPSS supports both H.265 and H.264 video compression codecs, which can reduce the bandwidth and storage consumption by up to 50%. You can also switch between the codecs according to your network condition.

How to download and install SmartPSS

If you are interested in using SmartPSS for your video surveillance system, you can download and install it easily by following these steps:

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  • Go to the Dahua official website and find the SmartPSS download link. You can also scan the QR code on the website to download SmartPSS on your mobile device.

  • Choose the language and components you want to install. You can select from 22 languages and various components, such as player, web service, etc.

  • Complete the installation process by following the instructions on the screen. You can choose the installation path and create a desktop shortcut for SmartPSS.


SmartPSS is a powerful and versatile video surveillance application that can help you monitor and manage your Dahua devices easily. It has many features that can enhance your video surveillance system, such as device management, video monitoring and playback, alarm and analytic configuration, and video wall setup and preview. It also has many benefits, such as easy to use interface and operation, compatibility with all Dahua network cameras and storage devices, and support for H.265 and H.264 dual video compression codecs. You can download and install SmartPSS from the Dahua official website in a few simple steps.

If you want to learn more about SmartPSS or have any questions, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you with your video surveillance needs.


What are the system requirements for SmartPSS?

  • SmartPSS requires Windows 7/8/10 or Mac OS X 10.10 or above for PC, and Android 4.4 or above or iOS 9.0 or above for mobile devices. It also requires a minimum of 4 GB RAM, 100 GB hard disk space, and a resolution of 1024x768 or higher.

How many devices can I add to SmartPSS?

  • SmartPSS can support up to 256 devices per server. You can also add multiple servers to SmartPSS for larger systems.

How do I update SmartPSS?

  • SmartPSS will automatically check for updates when you launch it. You can also manually check for updates by clicking on the "About" button on the top right corner of the interface.

How do I reset my SmartPSS password?

  • If you forget your SmartPSS password, you can reset it by clicking on the "Forgot Password" link on the login screen. You will need to enter your email address and verification code to receive a new password.

How do I uninstall SmartPSS?

  • If you want to uninstall SmartPSS from your PC, you can go to the Control Panel and select "Uninstall a program". Then, find SmartPSS from the list of programs and click on "Uninstall". Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the uninstallation process.

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